Resurge Children East Africa (RCEA) is a Kenyan non-profit organisation founded in 2015 by Lameck and Leah Odero who devoted their lives to ensure that every child, especially girls have access to quality education. Since then, we have been working to provide generous 4-years scholarships to bright but needy students who cannot afford to continue their secondary education. The scholarships are coupled with a comprehensive set of support services to motivate scholars. We are also focused on improving primary school learning outcomes through service-leaning, literacy classes and provision of school supplies to children who are educationally and economically disadvantaged.

Mathew 22: 26-40: To Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’. At RCEA, our values guide the way we work and putting every needy child on the path to success through the fear of the Lord God.

It is our intrinsic passion to give these unfortunate kids a hope for the future by providing the necessary support to afford a chance of succeeding. As a non-profit organisation, we know that the gaps we fill are basics not covered elsewhere. Often what’s missing is the most basic of things: school fees, school supplies , and extra-literacy and service-learning classes. We are dedicated to ensure that we help the poor, most of all girls by giving them an opportunity to obtain an education and resultant benefits, including better education outcomes, improved chances to success in life, increased gender equality in secondary education and greater social integration.



ongoing Scholarships


students receiving school supplies


students attending literacy classes


students attending service-learning classes




Literacy Coordinator  



Esther Jane
Finance Assistant



Musa Oyola
Service-Learning Assistant



Micu Mensonen
Oversees Sponsorship Coordinator 



Let’s make access to quality education a reality for all children

98% of your donation funds a child’s education and over 90% of our donations come from individuals like yourself.