We truly believe supporting a child’s education is the best way to help break the cycle of disadvantaged and giving them the support and resources they need to achieve their full potential, our impact will be a lasting effect on those we help today and for generations to come.



School Supplies

Millions of children living in poverty miss out on the chance for an education simply because they can’t pay for the essential supplies that go hand-in-hand with learning. That is why our program inspires hope in children by providing them with the valuable school materials they so desperately need. We buy and or collect donations of uniforms, textbooks, notebooks, pens, sets, backpacks and delivers them to needy children who wouldn’t be able to attend class without them.

Literacy Class

We train volunteers, provide books and support literacy programmes in most underprivileged public schools, creating classes where children learn and thrive. Our classes give students who are struggling with reading support they need to improve their reading skills, reading ability and confidence. Children we help might have fallen behind with their reading, lack confidence, or struggle with their fluency, comprehension or vocabulary.


The project helps  our teachers to create an inclusive and supportive environment that will help nurture students’ sense of belonging, fostering a caring classroom community for student engagement and learning. It sets the stage for students to take part in the service-learning classes to give them the space and opportunity to explore issues, develop plans for solving those issues and take action. It is a comprehensive collection of curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular programs that are implemented at public primary and secondary schools.

Give For Students Today. Impact Their Tomorrow.

$ 80 will provide a student with essentials like backpack filled with learning materials and school uniform they need to succeed in class.

$ 500 will provide a reliable and consistent resources and literacy classes in our partner public primary schools.


$ 1,000 will allow us to provide consistent free resources and expand our service-learning classes in our partner schools.