Despite progress in enhancing access, retention, quality and completion of basic education Kenya, there are still millions of primary school-age children out of school and only 50% of primary school graduates continue to high school due to due to social and financial constraints.


Our Mission

We work to improve primary school learning outcomes and award merit based scholarships to bright and motivated, financially disadvantaged students who cannot afford to continue their secondary education. 


Our Areas of Action


We provide a 4-year scholarship to bright but needy primary students, most of all girls, who cannot continue their secondary education.

School Supplies

We inspire hope in children by providing them with the valuable school supplies they so desperately need and wouldn’t be able to attend without them.

Literacy Class

We recruit, train and support literacy programs in underprivileged public schools by creating classes where children who are struggling with reading can learn and thrive.


We engage students through academic discussions to enable them learn about the local, national and global issues and become agents of change.

Give For Students Today. Impact Their Tomorrow.

Give a once off, a monthly or yearly donation today to fund a student’s scholarship and education programs.

Whether you contribute financially or as an advocate for us, you will make a real lasting impact in children’s life.

If you are interested in volunteering, there are lots of ways you can get involved.