Resurge Children East Africa (RCEA) is a non-profit organisation that provides financial support to bright but needy students to enable them get secondary education. We are also focused on improving student learning and transition from primary to secondary education through early grade literacy classes and provision of learning materials to children who are educationally and economically disadvantaged.

what we do


We provide a 4 year scholarship to bright but needy primary school students, most of all girls, who cannot afford to continue their secondary education.


We partner with under-resourced public schools and engage our volunteer tutors to work one-on-one with students who struggle with reading.


We inspire hope in children by providing them with the valuable school supplies they so desperately need and wouldn’t be able to attend class without them.

ways to help

give monthly

Regular donations means we can continue our work by making a difference in the life of needy children.


By donating  monthly, yearly, or  one off donation, you will give bright but needy student access to secondary education.

Support our causes

Your financial or in-kind donation will open school doors for many poor children.


We need volunteers who are committed to work towards our mission and fundraising for our cause.

Reading For Success Class

To The Pollination Project

We just want to thank you for the generosity you have displayed by granting

us grants to provide extra-literacy classes to struggling early grade readers

in under-resourced public schools in Kisumu County.